Summer on the Mount

Current Series

What is the good life? And how do we find it?

Those are questions we will be thinking about during our “Summer on the Mount” series where we look at what is known as “The Sermon on the Mount”. It is the longest recorded sermon of Jesus, and it tells of what life following him looks like.

July 14, 2024

Jesus on Retaliation (Matthew 5:38-42)
Matt Sutton

July 7, 2024

Let’s Be Honest (Matthew 5:33-37)
Matt Sutton

June 30, 2024

Let’s Talk About Sin (Matthew 5:27-32)
Fred Baker

June 23, 2024

Intention Leads to Action (Matthew 5:21-26)
Fred Baker

June 16, 2024

Do You Have a Fake Jesus? (Matthew 5:17-20)
Fred Baker

June 9, 2024

A Distinct Life (Matthew 5:11-16)
Matt Sutton

June 2, 2024

Who is Actually Blessed? (Matthew 5:1-10)
Matt Sutton