Current Series

When looking at all four gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, we see Jesus ask over 400 questions to those following him? Why would Jesus ask so many questions?

Questions draw out what a person is thinking and feeling. Questions expose the head and heart. Once this is brought out into the light, Jesus teaches the truth. He corrects thinking. Questions expose sin, and Jesus points to the way of God’s Kingdom.

In this series, we will be centering in on 12 questions of Jesus. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of those who followed Jesus around the dusty roads of Israel. Let’s allow Him to ask us questions. Questions to expose our soul to God and hopefully to each other. Questions, which if we allow them to do their work, will make us a people more like the one asking the question, Jesus Himself.

October 17, 2021

Do You Believe This? (John 11:1-44)
Fred Baker

October 10, 2021

What is Your Name? (Luke 8:26-39)
Fred Baker

October 3, 2021

Why Do You Doubt? (Matthew 14:22-33)
Matt Sutton

September 26, 2021

Do You Want To Be Healer? Grace That Heals (John 5:1-9)
Matt Sutton

September 19, 2021

Do You Believe I Am Able? (Matthew 9:27-31)
Fred Baker

September 12, 2021

Who Touched Me? (Luke 8:40-56)
Fred Baker

September 5, 2021

Why are you afraid? (Matthew 8:26)
Fred Baker