Serving at Fellowship

Small actions can make a significant impact!

Serving Opportunities

At Fellowship, we believe serving our neighbors is an important part of our faith and we get excited to see how small acts of service can impact the lives of many. Here are some opportunities you can invest in now.

Oakley Elementary

Discover how you can show the love of Christ to our neighbors across the street in Asheville. You can view serving opportunities and sigh up the the link below.

Lunch Buddies

Invest in a child once a week by having lunch with them. You will be paired with a student who would benefit from having an adult role model in their life. We will give you the child’s name, grade and lunch time and we just ask that you show up once a week on a day that fits your schedule and sit with them during lunch. Please email Sarah Turner for more information in Oakley or Amy Hinch for Weaverville.

Car Care

There is a unique opportunity to show and share God’s love in our community by providing free automotive preventive maintenance to people that cannot afford auto care or do not know how to perform basic maintenance themselves. For someone living at the limits of their means, one of the easy expenses to overlook or put off is basic car care. Unfortunately, those on limited incomes may also rely heavily on their vehicle as a means of transportation to and from their work, and vehicle problems may lead to a loss of income. We hope to help keep these people on the road by providing regular oil changes, tire rotations and fluid change.

This ministry also works with high school students to teach them basic auto maintenance and repair skills. Adult mentors model responsibility, safety and integrity, while showing the next generation to serve others by sharing their skills and time.

If you’re interested in being part of our team, email Matthew King, we’d love to have you join us!

Need Car Care?
If you would like to be considered to receive car care, please email Nick Cerda.

Our Sponsors
We would like to thank Eric Anders from Advance Auto Parts for their generous monthly contribution to this ministry. If you would like to become a sponsor, please email Matthew King.